Become a Kiwanis Member

Have you been looking to do some volunteering for good causes in your community? Do you like helping kids, having fun and feeling like you made a difference? Why not consider joining us and become a member of our Kiwanis club?

Be A Kiwanian When someone asks you, “What is a Kiwanian?” What do you say?

Meetings – a member attends occasionally
a Kiwanian attends frequently
Projects – a member may have limited participation
a Kiwanian has active involvement
Dues – a member may pay grudgingly
a Kiwanian pays happily
Youth activities – a member may think they look interesting
a Kiwanian visits and participates
Leadership – a member may thank officers for their service
a Kiwanian serves as an officer
Membership – a member may be happy to just be a member
a Kiwanian will always be on the lookout for new members
Promotion – a member may mention Kiwanis occasionally
A Kiwanian doesn’t stop talking about Kiwanis activities
Interclubs – a member may never attend someone else’s club meeting
a Kiwanian seeks opportunities to interact with other Kiwanians
District meetings – a member may have heard of them
a Kiwanian has attended a few
Fundraising – a member may believe the job belongs to someone else
a Kiwanian is willing to do the job
Kiwanis Objects – a member may honestly never knew we had them
a Kiwanian lives by them